More than 81% of highschool dropouts would have stayed in school…

If their education was more relevant to the real world.

Next Gen empowers the next generation to pursue their passions – not a job or career. We help provide the skills, resources, and focus to help young people realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Any young person can be an entrepreneur. Big dreams? Check. Passion? Check. We help young entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality.


You care about investing in the next generation. You believe in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. You want to help young people achieve their potential.



Lead a Field Trip

Investment isn’t always about capital. Your experiences can kickstart the spirit of a dreamer;  illuminating the path of their future. Activate the entreprenuerial mindset that impacts an entire generation.

We are always eager to work with new volunteers. We are growing all the time. Below is a list of current locations. Don’t see your location? Get in touch!

Los Angeles, CA Chicago, IL Ohio
Muskegon, MI Miami, FL Missouri
Grand Rapids, MI Atlanta, GA Canada

We have more than 3000 volunteers in over 10 states, and you could be next

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involved in your community!


You care about causes that make an impact in your community. You want to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

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This out-of-school program delivers NFTE’s award winning Owning Your Future course. The course develops a student’s Entrepreneurial Mindset while they learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship by creating and pitching their original business plans.

Operation Mindset

Operation Mindset is an engaging learning experience designed to encourage students to think and behave in a unique way that entrepreneurs approach their work, with an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Research suggests that Entrepreneurial Mindset is not a fixed trait, but rather a set of skills and behaviors that can be taught, practiced, and cultivated.

Owning Your Future Classrooms

This intermediate entrepreneurship course teaches the entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, self-reliance, and comfort with risk, alongside traditional startup skills like market research, supply and demand, and expense management.

Startup Tech

Startup Tech blends learning technology and entrepreneurship into a course that challenges students to identify ways to improve their community and to build marketable digital solutions.